PERS Preservation and Protection

OUS faculty and professional staff all have the choice between selecting the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). In the past, the majority of faculty in Oregon chose the state’s PERS plan as their retirement investment option. More recently, many faculty have opted into the ORP.

AOF has been a member of the PERS Coalition since 1989. The coalition is a group of public employee unions and other groups with interests in the state’s retirement plan. The PERS Coalition raised money to fight costly PERS reforms in court and has registered several victories in protecting PERS benefits for Oregon public employees. Litigation continues on several issues.

AOF and the PERS Coalition are currently monitoring suggested legislation (“reforms”) being considered by the 2017 Legislature. Our views are captured by the following PERS Fact Sheet .

PERS Litigation Fund Pledge Card