PERS Coalition

AOF is a member of the PERS Coalition, a collection of public employee groups who monitor the actions of the Legislature and the PERS Board.  When laws or policies which hurt PERS members benefits are passed by these respective bodies, the PERS Coaltion has and will challenge them in court.  Challenges against the 2003 and 2007 PERS attacks were partially successful in mitigating the impacts of those attacks.  The 2013 bill slashing current and future retirees’ cost of living adjustments was successfully challenged in the Oregon Supreme Court. AOF believes the contractual benefits promised to public employees must be honored.

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The PERS Coalition’s chief legal counsel is Greg Hartman, of Bennett & Hartman.

A lot of valuable information about — as well as interesting opinions on — PERS matters are available at the web site of blogger, Marc Feldesman.